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Ways to Boost Your Mood

By Leigh Williams
There’s a lot going on that’s outside of our control right now. Whenever I start to feel “down” for any reason – I know I can always count on these to boost my mood! 
Take a walk. Get outdoors for some fresh air if you can – just move your body! 
Get dressed up. Even if you’re just staying at home, take the time to do your makeup, your hair, and put on an outfit that makes you feel good!
Make a healthy meal. Fill your body with nutrients! You know the saying “put good in, get good out”? It’s SO true!
Call a friend. Talk to someone you care about – let them know you appreciate them! Expressing gratitude will make you feel good in return.
Read a book. Curl up in your favorite spot with a good book and I promise you will feel better! 
Get off social media. We can unknowingly start comparing ourselves to others, so give yourself a break!
Smile. There have been research studies that show smiling is beneficial for your mood – even if you fake it! 
Put on your favorite song and belt it out! Maybe even dance, too – because it’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you’re having your own little dance party.
No matter what’s going on, we always have something to be thankful for. 


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