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Sleep Better this Season

By Leigh Williams
Maybe you’re like me and as the seasons start to change, you struggle with getting enough shut eye.

I don’t know if it’s because the weather is changing, our routines are different, or something else entirely - but I always struggle with my sleep as the temperatures start to change. 

But this season it’s been different! Here’s what I’ve implemented that’s seemed to help me get more restful sleep so far this year:

Washing my face and performing my skin care routine earlier. I’ve been trying to do it as soon as I get done with work, but some evenings just don’t allow. No matter what, though, I’ve been doing it at least an hour or two before I’m actually ready for bed. This way I’m not splashing water on my face and waking myself up just before I’m ready to hop into bed!

Cooling down the bedroom. This just makes me want to cuddle up in my bed and naturally our bodies get more restful sleep in cooler temperatures. I recommend trying out some out some cooling bed sheets for this, which will be even nicer as the weather starts to warm up shortly. So grab an extra blanket, put on some cozy PJs and get some deep, quality sleep!

Investing in some blue light blockers. You’ve probably heard that you should avoid screen time a few hours before bed. But let’s face it, we have things to do on our phones or just want to do some mindless scrolling to relax for the evening. Investing in some blue light blockers can help you get quality sleep regardless if you have been on your phone or not!

So which swap will you be trying first?? I promise these have made a world of difference for me and I certainly hope the same for you!