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My Evening Routine

By Leigh Williams
I am such a routine person! If you’re not, that’s totally ok, but just hear me out as to WHY I swear by my morning and evening routines: 
·      When I follow my routine, I am SO much more productive
·      I feel organized – not only with my actions, but my thoughts as well
·      The following day just goes so much smoother! 
Your evening routine will take some adjusting and finding what works for YOU, but here’s what my evening routine looks like! 
Tidy up the living spaces. After dinner we clean up the kitchen, dining area and living room. I can’t tell you how much this helps my mood to NOT wake up to messy living spaces!
Take some time to relax with the family. After tidying up (and before heading up to bed), we like to relax in the living room – either reading our books together, watching something on Netflix as a family, or playing a board game together. Around 8:30 the kiddos will head up to bed and I will…
Prep for bed! You know the drill, brush your teeth, take off the day’s makeup, etc. I know if I don’t do this now I will end up staying up past my desired bed time because I wont start this process until I’m already wanting to be in bed!
Once I’ve prepped for bed, I make the next day’s to do list. Now, I know some people like to do this earlier in the evening because completing this too close to bed time gives them anxiety over the next day’s to-dos – find what works for YOU!
Finally, I’ll wind down for the night. For me, this usually means turning on a show while I slip into bed! Sometimes I’ll read or listen to a podcast, but I usually prefer something on tv – mostly as background noise! I don’t like to watch, read or listen to things that will keep me up or make me worry or feel restless! 
Finally, I plug my phone in and go to bed! I always plug it in across the room so I’m not tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning! I have a rule that once I’m out of bed, I’m up – and this helps ensure I’m doing just that!
My evening routine has taken me a couple years to honestly get it to where I’m at today. Play around with yours and see how you feel after making different adjustments. Know that your routine will almost always be a work in progress, and that is ok! Adjusting to circumstances is a part of life - you have to find what works for you, your family, and your schedule!