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Backgrounds for Virtually Anything

By Leigh Williams
No matter if you’re working from home or hosting a virtual happy hour, you can have the home of your dreams and take your background up a notch without having to frantically clean or drop big money on all new home décor! 
With a virtual Zoom background, of course! 
Here’s what to do: Select where you want to be from the list of locations below. Save the image to your desktop. When you’re on a Zoom call, click the arrow next to “start video/stop video” and select “choose a virtual background.” Click the + button on the right and upload your saved image!
Want to hang out with Chandler and Monica from Friends? Done.
Is Jerry Seinfeld your guy? Let’s visit.
Or is Carrie Bradshaw your girl? Go there.
What about Frasier
Or maybe House of Cards is more your style? 
No matter where you want to be, you can be there with a virtual background!